Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I have appeared in 4 feature films, numerous tv shows/commercials. I recently produced a dance extravaganza at The Soho Theater, London. I am raising funds for Animal Welfare #AMA

Elizabeth Desiree
Sep 3, 2017

The most talented sensational performers from my networks! The best music in town! And ALL proceeds going to PREVENT ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Please check my website - elizabethdesireeproductions

I have appeared in 4 feature films and numerous tv shows and commercials. My most recent show, which I wrote and produced, was at The Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, in May 2017. I want to continue doing shows with all the sensational artists across my networks. My intention is for ALL proceeds of ticket sales to go the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Ask me anything about my experience as an actress , singer, and animal welfare fighter!


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How hard is it to get a venue for your shows? 

Sep 3, 8:52PM EDT1

It isn't too difficult.

Sep 4, 5:52AM EDT1

How much do you think your level of fame assists in raising funds for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?

Sep 3, 11:16AM EDT1

I don't have any personal fame. But I do have a platform which comes from just being in the industry and that gives me the potential to help the animals, simply because I do shows which people buy tickets to....

Sep 3, 11:32AM EDT1
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Which do you enjoy most singing, dancing, or acting ? Why ?

Sep 3, 11:10AM EDT1

Both! Every time I perform in any way it is a new experience! I am always learning new things

Sep 3, 11:19AM EDT1
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Are you starting your own charity or raising money for an existing charity ?

Sep 3, 11:01AM EDT1

I am open to either idea. It would be something I need to discuss with whoever became involved

Sep 3, 11:18AM EDT1
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Which feature films and tv shows have you been in? 

Sep 3, 11:01AM EDT0

Please check my website elizabethdesireeproductions.com

in the " About me" section

Sep 3, 11:16AM EDT0
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Where do you live?

Sep 3, 10:22AM EDT0

In the U.K.

Sep 3, 10:28AM EDT0

Can you share a link to your facebook and twitter?

Sep 3, 5:35AM EDT0

Hi Leah, you can find me on Twitter as Elizabeth Desiree and Instagram as elizabeth_desiree

Thank you!🌷

With Facebook I tend to just have people I know quite well.

Sep 3, 9:20AM EDT0

I understand, thank you

Sep 3, 11:34AM EDT0

Have you managed to interest some of your acting colleagues in your charity?

Sep 3, 3:47AM EDT0

Hi Ricky, oh yes! They are very supportive 🙏

Sep 3, 9:21AM EDT0
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What is the role you would most love to play and why?

Sep 3, 3:11AM EDT0

I would love to be in a historical drama with fabulous costumes because I have never done anything like that, except once where I played a gangster's moll during the time of Al Capone, during the Prohibition Era. But that was relatively modern times...compared to Tudor or Renaissance for example....it would be fun to be in a story from those times....

Sep 3, 9:25AM EDT1
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I like your music. Do you have any gigs and where?

Sep 3, 2:29AM EDT1

Thank you! Yes, I will be singing at Crazy Coqs Jazz Bar at Brasserie Zedel, in Piccadilly Circus, London on Thursday 14th September at 8.30. But it's an open mic thing so I will only do one song. I also have a singing gig coming up during a Tango Event but the date is not set yet.

Sep 3, 9:27AM EDT1
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Why did you pick this charity above others?

Sep 3, 2:01AM EDT0

Hi Donna, I chose it because I genuinely think that animals are sacred. They have always been incredibly important in my life. They are pure, like children. They have no agenda. They just want to give and receive love. I find any abuse to them truly unbearable

Sep 3, 9:30AM EDT1
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What do I need to do voiceovers?

Sep 3, 2:01AM EDT0

Hi Andrew! Join voices.pro online, make your profile and start applying!!! They have lots of voice jobs listed each day! All the best!

Sep 3, 9:34AM EDT1
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What do you like most, acting or singing?

Sep 3, 1:35AM EDT0

Hi Jessica, truly I like them both the same but for different reasons. It all depends on the other people you are working with and how it all comes together...Everytime I perform in any way it is a different experience than the time before

Sep 3, 9:37AM EDT1
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What's been the saddest story you've ever heard?

Sep 3, 1:13AM EDT0

It would be about animals. But I don't want to write it here....too upsetting

Sep 3, 9:37AM EDT0
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Have you ever thought of pitching the idea of a short TV series about your charity telling the story of each animal with the option to re-home it?

Sep 3, 1:10AM EDT0

Hi Kaitlin,

That is a very interesting idea! Thank you.

Sep 3, 9:38AM EDT0

What advice would you give to anyone trying to become an actor?

Sep 3, 12:44AM EDT0

Believe in yourself and love yourself ( but never be arrogant!) You NEED to have strong self love in the industry because you will experience a lot of rejection...which can destroy you...if you don't keep strong within yourself........

Sep 3, 9:40AM EDT1
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Apart from animal food and veterinary care, what is most needed for these animals?

Sep 3, 12:33AM EDT0

Hi Jennifer, apart from those crucial things, the animals also need more protection. We can never give them enough of that.....Thousands of animals are suffering great abuses...because nobody really cares what is going on....

Sep 3, 9:51AM EDT0
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Wow someone famous! :) Are you going to hold an AMA event soon?

Sep 3, 12:27AM EDT1

Hi Tara,

I am not, on my own, a famous person. But I have been very lucky to work in productions throughout my life that had famous performers in them

Sep 3, 10:22AM EDT1
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Have you ever worked or contacted Paul O Grady about the charity seeing that he is a massive animal fan?

Sep 3, 12:26AM EDT0

Hi Maria, many years ago, before I did any films, I was hired to model on Breakfast TV and Paul O' Grady was a guest on that show that morning! He was very gentle and seemed shy. Not like his to persona! Anyway, he just said Hi to me and everybody else! I liked him! But he would not remember this at all! But it's interesting to know he cares about animal welfare...! I did not that .....

Sep 3, 10:01AM EDT0
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For how long have you been singing?

Sep 3, 12:20AM EDT0

Since I was a kid😊

Sep 3, 10:01AM EDT0
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